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Littlegreen School

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Newsletter May 2017

Dear Parents and Carers

The summer term and finer weather has seen the opening of the swimming pool and all the boys in Key Stages 2 and 3 are now enjoying the opportunity to swim at least once a week.  Extra-curricular activities have seen trips out for the majority of the pupils and plenty more are planned, including the Charity Walk outlined within this newsletter.

Our Year 6 pupils have taken their SATS exams and all the staff were impressed to see how well they managed some very difficult tests!  

The Key Stage 4 pupils have started their GCSE exams and we are all very proud of their commitment to achieve their very best within the exams. 

Mr Neollier and Chichester University students have been working hard with our eco-warriors and I am pleased to say we have won the Eco School Bronze Award.  Well done to all the boys who carried out an environmental review and audit of the school to inform the action plan displayed on the Eco-Board.  You have made the whole school more aware and eco-friendly.

It has been really wonderful to watch local schools playing football at Littlegreen with our boys cheered on by the visitors, staff and pupils.  The sportsmanship and respect that they have shown to one another has been the highlight of each game.

Finally, we are delighted to have appointed Ms Pamela Ridgwell to the post of head teacher.  Ms Ridgwell has previously worked in the London area and has a breadth of experience in senior leadership and worked as a head of a special school. We have already made a date for her to visit before half-term and she will spend time over the next half-term getting to know the boys and community of Littlegreen.

Mrs Lynda Butt



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