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Littlegreen Academy

Supporting and developing the whole child


Key Principles

We aim to inspire the next generation of scientists through capturing the imagination and natural curiosity of our students.

Enquiry-based learning – what do you think?  Why?  How can you find out?  How good is your evidence?  Question everything!!

Practical work – Our well-equipped lab is perfect for experiments; dissections of hearts; combustion experiments; water rockets; and all manner of science investigations.  Our grounds offer us the opportunities for real life exploration and experimentation.

Games and interactive activities – Class laptops for researching, designing, modelling ideas, revision games and more.

Peer and self-assessment opportunities— Learn how to ask questions, discuss what went well and how to improve.

Debates – Developing skills at presenting arguments ‘for’ or ‘against’ a chosen topic and decision-making as part of the jury or the judge.  Taking in the philosophy and ethics within science – ‘Just because we can, should we?’

Aims and Objectives:

Years 3 - 6

Science is taught so that key skills are embedded through practical investigations linked to class topics.  The learning is driven through questioning and essential vocabulary. Each term the emphasis changes between biology, physics and chemistry.

Years 7/8

Science is taught using a combination of ‘Exploring Science’, an on-line resource and practical investigations.  Each term has a different focus; biology, physics, chemistry.  The extended questioning skills are promoted through data handling.

Years 9 - 11

Science is taught entirely using the OCR GCSE Twenty First Century combined science.  Each year group study Physics in the autumn terms, Biology in the Spring terms and Chemistry in the summer terms. 

The study is very practical and combines the established skills taught throughout the previous year groups.

Why?  What if?  Should we?  Could I do this? How many of these?  When will this react? 

Science is a highly regarded subject, and the skills that are taught are applicable to a whole range of jobs including: medical work, engineering, technology, ecology, forensics, mechanics and astronomy, the list is endless.

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